Basement Apartment Renovation

Basement Apartment Renovation is not a simple process. Basement renovations Toronto and other cities gives you an extra living space within your house. This is a process that requires a lot of market research. When completed, the value of your home is likely to increase. It can also guarantee you rental income.

Basement Apartment Renovation

How to identify the best basement apartment renovation contractor?

  • Licensing

Go for a construction company that is licensed. Unlicensed companies are likely to be scammers with no requisite skill and experience. Licenses are never easy to obtain unless the municipality authorities are certain that the company in question is capable of undertaking the activity in question. Other licenses to look out for are licenses from the professional bodies.

  • Insurance

During the renovation process, there is the likelihood of destruction of the building. This will automatically call for compensation from the contracted company to you as the homeowner. Contractors who are not insured are unlikely to pay for the damages incurred during the renovation. Get a company that has these insurances.

  • Qualification and number of Staff members

Company is amorphous; it is the staff members that deliver projects on behalf of it. These staff members have to be professional. This can be ascertained through their training and qualifications together with experience in basement apartment renovation. The number of staff is also an indicator of how fast your basement apartment will be renovated.

  • Number of years in the industry

The number of years in the industry is commonly referred to as experience. A company with longer experience in the industry is likely to deliver the project within the stipulated time. This company is also able to give you the best outcome owing to their experience. Such contractors also have equipment that are equal to the task.

  • Company’s area of specialization

Companies specialized in basement construction are likely to avail a number of designs for your basement renovation. This still echoes experience but in terms of specialization in the nature of the task at hand. Look out for specialized companies. They will guarantee you quality.

Factors to consider when renovating your basement apartment

  • Determine the costs involved

This should be the first step in renovating your basement apartment. When you budget for the project, you will be able to determine what you can comfortably do with the available resources. An elaborate budget will afford you the most luxurious aesthetic for your basement apartment after renovation.

  • Design the basement apartment

You will then have to decide on whether you want the traditional apartment or an open plan arrangement. For you to successfully make up your mind on this, you will have to analyze the square footage of the basement. This will help you determine the features to incorporate in the apartment.

  • Create the floor plan

You can then proceed to plan on the general layout of the apartment. This will inform your renovation. Ensure that you include all the absolutely necessary rooms such as the living room, the kitchen, bathroom, dining area and the storage space.

  • Get the opinion of a contractor

You will have to consult with a specialist to help you with the plumbing piping, electrical connections and insulation work. This contractor will also come in handy to assist you with the drywall installation in your basement apartment.

Factors that affect the cost of basement apartment renovation

  • Square footage

The cost of the project is determined by the basement’s square foot. Often, contractors will base their charges on the square footage of the basement under construction. Bigger square footage, therefore, means a bigger budget for you.

  • Electricity connection

Electrical works are likely to cost you a fortune. When you hire a professional electrician, you will most definitely have to pay for the services which are never cheap. You have no option but to hire one anyway.

  • The type of floor

Your choice of floor will affects the cost of renovating your basement apartment. You will need to decide on a flooring material that won’t cost much. Before doing the installation, you can want to stain the existing concrete as a cost-cutting strategy.

  • Plumbing connections

The installation of rooms which need proper drainage such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room will also inflate the cost of renovation. The costs can be relatively better when the plumbing lines exist already in the basement.

  • Materials to be used

The materials used in basement apartment renovation have high price tags pegged on them. The cost differs from the waterproof cement used on the floor, to other fixtures and the doors.